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After slaving for what seemed like 10,000 hours at the gym, with minimal results, I decided to tweak my diet. You know how they say you can’t out train a bad diet? I’m a living example! This is my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Growing up, I was the epitome of fit: track athlete, high jumper, basketball player and even volleyball. Although I led an active lifestyle, my eating habits were terrible – I ate whatever I wanted to, and because I got away with it (i.e. no weight gain), I didn’t see a need to do otherwise.

Then real life happened. I graduated from university and resumed a sedentary desk job. The combination of long hours in front of a computer and eating recklessly led to a substantially larger frame. In layman’s terms: I got fat!

My solution was to join a gym. Problem with that was, physical activity is futile if you don’t address bad nutrition. I did everything from fad diets and pills to starvation (after yo-yoing in weight a few times) and locking my teeth (yes, I did that!)

You see, I love food. Like, really, really, really love food. And not just in that gluttonous, stuff-yourself-stupid way, because I promise you, my love for food runs far deeper. I guess you can call it grave admiration. I love everything about food – the colors, flavors, methods of preparation, science, presentation and the taste (oh my! The taste!). What I’m not too thrilled about are those little things called calories (which wind up being the reason your clothes are a little too snug). If I couldn’t do away with them completely, how could I enjoy one of my hobbies (eating), lead a healthy lifestyle and still fit into my clothes from my pre-baby (more like babies – I have two gorgeous munchkins!) days?

I found my answer after doing some research and of course, a little trial-and-error. I learned how the quality and quantity of foods I ate directly affected my body, my goals and even my moods (crazy, right?). Over time I discovered that with the right foods and portions (4-5 meals daily), I was meeting my fitness goals – and the best part was there was no deprivation, as I was eating the foods I loved! The second best part? I didn’t have to break the bank!

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